Product Information FecesCatcher

When to use a FecesCatcher:

  •     For early detection of colon cancer or other diseases.
  •     Research in acute diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  •     For the purpose of periodic monitoring of disease progression.
  •     To check for parasites in the bowel movement.
  •     To detect swallowed objects.

Physical properties of the FecesCatcher:

  •     The paper is strong enough to be able to take a sample, also in moist bowel movement.
  •     The adhesive is pressure sensitive and has good staying-power but is easy to remove.
  •     Because of the cup shape also a sample can be taken from liquid bowel movement.
  •     After flushing the paper will dissolve completely.
  •     The binder of the paper is based on corn and potato starch.
  •     Minimal amounts of adhesive and ink (milligrams respectively micrograms).
  •     Does not contain silicone.
  •     Minimum 3 year shelf life, if kept dry and cool.
  •     The FecesCatcher does not pollute the environment and is biodegradable.

Printing options:

  •     Completely own design possible.
  •     Printing possible in 2 colors.
  •     Full front is printable.
  •     Your own design is possible from 20,000 pieces on, no additional printing costs.

Packaging options:

  •     Loose in boxes of 500, 1,000 or 5,000 pieces.
  •     Packed on pallets to 60,000 pieces, packed in boxes .
  •     Sets of 1 to 5 loosely packed in boxes ( folded ).
  •     Sets of 1 to 10 packed in envelope ( folded or loose ).
  •     100 sets packed in envelope in a box.




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