The Fecotainer

The Fecotainer is a user-friendly and hygienic stool collection device suitable for all kinds of stool. It is placed under the toilet seat ‘before use’ and can be well sealed with a stopper and lid ‘after use’.

Due to the simplicity of its use, the Fecotainer is the ideal fecescollector in cases where the entire bowel movement has to be examined or in extreme cases of diarrhea.

The Fecotainer is collapsable and fits through a letterbox (only 28mm high) and therefore easy to send to patients.


  • Safe for patients and laboratory workers.
  • Diameter of 14,5 cm and volume of 750 ml.
  • The fecescollector is from recyclable plastic.
  • After laboratory use, the Fecotainer can be wasted as a normal disposable.
  • Recommended by gastroenterologists.
  • The Fecotainer provides the most reliable results in laboratory stool tests.
  • The Fecotainer is a worldwide patented disposable (Class I in-vitro medical device).
  • CE-marked & FDA registered.
  • Produced and designed in The Netherlands.


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